Relate Value!

LEVI’S JEANS $59.50!

Anyone feel the urge to rush out and take advantage of any of these offers? I mean, they’re in ALL CAPS and have exclamation points!!!! What if I repeated the price 6 times in 30 seconds? Or I reminded you multiple times that “YOU MUST ACT NOW” or “THIS SALE ENDS MONDAY?” Chances are, you still wouldn’t be moved to action, because I’ve neither appealed to your sense of greed, nor created a fear of loss.

I’m amazed at the number of ads I see that fail to RELATE VALUE. Either they assume that I’m smarter than I am and can look at any offer on any product or service and know it’s a good deal … or they assume I’m dumber than average and will jump right out of my recliner and into their store if they shout the price and deadline at me enough times.

Tell me WHY something is a good deal. Give me some frame of reference. It’s a simple, yet very important step that’s missing from most of the retail advertising I see.

NAVEL ORANGES $1.29 PER POUND! Save $.40 per pound!
TIRE ALIGNMENT $72.99! That’s 25% OFF!
AA BATTERIES $19.79! Get 44 for the price of 36!
LEVI’S JEANS $59.50! ($10 LESS than Kohl’s or Target!)

There. Much better, now that it’s been put into perspective! And even if I don’t currently need what’s being advertised, I’m more likely to remember that retailer for offering discounts when I do have a need for those items. Whether you’re copywriting or designing an ad, remember to RELATE VALUE!