What is designing for the world of automotive like?

Fast-paced, yes, of course! Admittedly, we are not given the luxury of time, but I strongly believe that no matter what project comes our way if we care, it will be a well-designed piece. You’ve probably heard this before, “If you don’t care, it will suck.” We have all seen plenty of the very busy and almost disturbing-to-the-eye kind of car ads.

About 15 years ago, when I was new to Intermark Group and new to designing for car dealers, I came to a realization. When I was brought up to speed by a couple of team members, who were much more experienced than myself, I quickly realized that there is structure behind a well-thought-out car ad! No matter the dimensions and amount of information given, we strive for a well-balanced, aesthetically pleasing and functional design that serves a purpose.

For a number of years, I spent the majority of my time designing print ads for both newspaper and magazine. Today, it’s much different because of the evolution of the internet. I evolved simultaneously and somehow adjusted to the new ways. In order to serve our clients in the new age, we started offering additional services such as animations and HTML coding. To adapt, I took a course in internet animation and became a self-taught designer with many skills. The types of design requests we get can vary widely but to just mention a few that we can do and do well…web banners, eblasts, billboards, social media graphics, social media covers, display ads, landing pages, logos, signage, event material, flyers, sponsorship ads, magazine ads, newspaper ads, etc.

I went along for the ride and must say, there is never a dull day in automotive advertising.