Print and Digital Production

When the digital age arrived, it became obvious that traditional print would eventually take a back seat to web-based marketing. As the internet expanded and improved, consumers were drawn to its convenience and immediacy. For survival, newspapers merged, merged again and eventually either transitioned to digital formats or went out of business. Paper may not be near as valuable an advertising commodity as it used to be, but print-based production is hotter and used in more ways than ever before.

Intermark features an in-house team of talented, creative artists who are very experienced at handling any and all forms of print production. They still do traditional newspaper ads of all sizes, shapes and colors, with frequent changes and tight deadlines, because there is still a segment of the public that wants to hold and read their newspapers. Our artists also create traditional paper media such as magazine ads, direct mail design, event program ads and flyers as well as point of purchase materials including hang tags, showroom posters, window clings, lot banners and more. And let’s not forget outdoor media. We design billboards too! And logos. And sale art. And t-shirt designs. And all forms of digital media.

When digital marketing took off, our print artists were inspired to learn new skills and programs. The artists already had a wealth of knowledge on layouts, fonts, clip art, car models, brand-specific requirements and state advertising regulations. Their new challenge was to take all of that knowledge and present it digitally by working with completely different technology.

Dealers developed websites, which meant they would need new forms of advertising other than the traditional. Web banners and display ads became the most popular forms of digital print advertising and our artists create hundreds of them every month. They’re also called upon to design and develop landing pages or create and code e-blasts for more targeted campaigns. Digital media includes social media, so we also specialize in creating graphics and covers for all social media outlets.

If you need any form of print or digital artwork created, our artists do it all with style, speed and accuracy!