Why Every Dealership Should Use Facebook Marketing

With 75% of adults in the U.S. spending at least 50 minutes per day on Facebook, the decision to include Facebook marketing in your ad budget is a no-brainer.

Still not convinced? Check out our latest 60-Second Update for five reasons why your dealership needs to use Facebook advertising:

5 Reasons Why Facebook Should Be Part of Your Car Dealership’s Digital Marketing:

  1. Facebook generates qualified automotive leads through Lead Ads. Facebook Lead Ads are ads that include and embedded form that captures a users’ information without forcing them to leave the platform. Their contact info auto-populates from their user profiles so that they can request more information with just a single click. That info can feed directly into your CRM (if it’s Facebook-integrated), making it easier for your BDC to follow up with potential customers. An added bonus s that you only pay for forms submitted, so your ad dollars aren’t wasted.
  2. Facebook builds more brand awareness. Using Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities and brand awareness objective, Facebook serves your ads to people that it thinks are most likely to remember them and reaches as many unique viewers within your target audience as possible. Brand awareness ads are specifically optimized for views by people in a certain niche or audience. When it comes to brand awareness campaigns, think long-term. Stick with the campaign for at least 6 to 12 months and be patient when it comes to seeing results.
  3. Facebook reaches new auto intenders. Facebook is the most frequently used touchpoint throughout the auto customer journey. According to a 2017 cross-channel study, Facebook ads were responsible for 19% more organic search-related site visits and 10% more for paid search-related visits compared to when people didn’t see Facebook ads. The study also found that people who saw Facebook ads were more likely to search and click through to an advertiser’s website. Facebook helps dealerships reach the same people multiple times with the ability to remarket/retarget customers and previous website visitors, and it introduces your dealership new audiences as well.
  4. Facebook is a great source for targeted campaigns. With a dozen different ad formats and thousands of possible ad targeting parameters, Facebook helps get your car dealership ads in front of very specific and often motivated segments of your audience. You can expand your potential leads and audience reach by pinpointing specific geographic areas, demographics, and other audience segments to target, like recent purchasing behavior or major life events. And by utilizing customer match audiences and using it to exclude your current database, you’re able to conquest new leads and customers without over-saturating your database with ads.
  5. Facebook advertising is the most cost-efficient return on investment for your dealership. Probably the most appealing reason for dealers to advertise on Facebook is the cost. Facebook advertising is the cheapest form of advertising and provides your dealership with direct results and trackable metrics for a few cents per click. Incorporating Facebook in your media plan allows you to stretch your ad budget further while generating better, more qualified leads and results for your dealership.

To find out how Intermark can develop a customized automotive digital marketing plan for your dealership, contact us today!

by Shea Posey, Senior Account Executive/Compliance & Co-op Specialist

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