Why Meta Matters

Facebook is entering the Metaverse…should you? The answer is probably not, but there are some simple things dealers can do to improve their digital UX.

If you look at Facebook, Google, Amazon or even Amazon Prime, you’ll notice they have their own distinct and unique style. Everything is branded. Everything is consistent. Everything is presented clearly and simply, yet they’re all different from one another.

So why is that the case? Because they all own their own platform, their own experience, their own content, and their own data and analytics. They make their own choices instead of farming out their entire online identity and experience to third-party web providers.

Can you say the same for the countless number of automotive websites you’ve seen? Are they distinct and unique? Clear and simple? Do they stand out from one another? Not in the least. Chances are, you’ve outsourced your website to one of a small handful of providers that you don’t know, and they don’t know you. They offer one template that looks like everybody else’s, and they don’t ever approach you with new ideas, new content, or new data…and YOU pay THEM for that?

If Facebook can go so far as to create an entire digital world (the Metaverse), then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have a website that provides a digital experience that not only mirrors your in-store experience but is unique and stands out from your competitors. You do this by owning your own experience.

If 10 out of 10 car buyers are shopping online, then really only 1 out of 10 ends up buying online. So, while the world becomes increasingly digital, 9 out of 10 people still want to buy from people. If you make your digital experience more like your in-store experience, wouldn’t you have a better shot at reaching those other nine that weren’t converted?

Own your platform: experience, content, data and analytics…all specific to your store and your store only. Not just the ads and the traffic, but the actual digital storefront.

Bring your brand and your in-store experience to life online. Make it easy, friendly, and convenient.

It shouldn’t take five clicks for a customer to see inventory or to find specials or financing options. Enable people to feel the same level of trust and convenience online as they do in-store. This is where Intermark Automotive can be of assistance.

We can offer ideas, content, and data to bring your website in line with your actual in-store experience to get you a much higher conversion rate – as much as 8 to 10%, versus the average 3 to 5% – just by doing simple things on your website to make it easier for the customer to find what they’re looking for.

We focus on delivering qualified traffic, converting those traffic customers into actual leads, and providing an excellent in-store experience at the store level.

Want more insights on how Intermark Automotive can help boost your customers’ online experience? Contact us today!

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