So what do car buyers really want?

Dealer News Flash: car buyers still want DEALS. Some may want free delivery, online car buying, or concierge experiences, but all of them want to feel like they got a DEAL.

BUT…a DEAL doesn’t necessarily need to be price related – it can be as simple as the perception of value or savings in your digital media. In today’s market something as simple as “Don’t Pay More than MSRP” can win a click over a competitor who isn’t advertising value at all. The perception of brand value can be any number of things from discounts, to payments, to APR, but can also be related to convenience, experience, value after the sale, or a more luxurious feeling to the process. Any number of elements can be combined and marketed today without having to deeply discount your products.

However, not advertising either in digital or traditional simply to save money will ultimately alienate your customers and effect your overall brand recall. Remember that even digital companies that exist entirely online like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, eSurance, and Netflix still advertise on traditional media to remind customers they exist.

We ran a poll that illustrated the divide in the purchase path for many consumers. Some want digital. Some want meta. Some want to haggle in person, like me. Like we say people buy from people and experience is everything, but…

The FACT remains PEOPLE STILL WANT A DEAL! PERIOD. Whether they are buying online or in person.

That means you need to be in the right place at the right time with the right message. That means the perception of value or brand value proposition in the environment people are, from start to finish on air, online, and in store. Basic – we know, but now more complex with between search, social, VLA, virtual, OTT, experiential and more. Something as simple as a call to action or value-add offer on your Google Search Ads could mean the difference in a CTR of 1% or 10%.

Check out our latest psych stunt on how we create brand value through perception.

Allow us to help find your audience, the message, and the timing in your budget.

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