Our Team

The team we’ve assembled at Intermark Automotive is some of the most experienced individuals in the business. As a matter of fact, we consider the greatest asset we offer a client to be the total dedication and commitment of our experienced team of art directors, graphic designers, copywriters, account managers, media buyers and planners, social media professionals, editors, audio engineers, digital media experts, and public relation specialists.

 Our innovative and insightful approach to both automotive and retail advertising and marketing is based on several decades of experience, and we’re proven time and time again that we understand exactly how to deliver effective results. At Intermark Automotive, we don’t just acquaint ourselves with your business; we totally immerse ourselves in it. When we go to work for you, we don’t simply consider ourselves your ad agency, we consider ourselves your partners.

Account Services



  • Cody Lowry

  • President

  • Kelly Darden

  • VP of Account Services

  • Rebekah Hunt

  • Account Supervisor

  • Brooke Burns

  • Account Executive

  • Shea Posey

  • Account Executive

  • Anne Marie Morgan

  • New Business Development

  • Ale Bowman

  • Account Executive


  • Deana Tomasello

  • Media Buyer/ Account Supervisor

  • Maggie Tindell

  • Media Buyer

Digital Media and Analytics



  • Rick Blevins

  • Creative Director

  • Josh Simpson

  • Chief Strategy Officer

  • Bill Barnett

  • Senior Copy Writer

  • Kristina Bergvall

  • Art Director

  • Randy Mihalchik

  • President of Production

  • JM Cifonie

  • Audio Post/Sound Design

  • Wes Carver

  • Graphic Designer

  • Josh Cooley

  • Animator

  • David Walker

  • Editor

Public Relations

  • Becci Hart

  • President of Public Relations

  • Ali Smith

  • Social Media Planner


  • Linda Winters

  • Traffic Manager