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Broadcast TV Delivers Online Shoppers

Even in a digital world it’s important to hold on to some of the “good ole ways” of doing things. Everyone agrees that a multi-platform approach is key to successfully targeting auto buyers. But, if you’re moving TV ad dollars somewhere else, you’re missing out on the most important aspect of the auto buyer’s purchase...

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Why Every Dealership Should Use Facebook Marketing

With 75% of adults in the U.S. spending at least 50 minutes per day on Facebook, the decision to include Facebook marketing in your ad budget is a no-brainer. Still not convinced? Check out our latest 60-Second Update for five reasons why your dealership needs to use Facebook advertising: 5 Reasons Why Facebook Should Be...

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COVID Message Fatigue

By now, many businesses have backed away from “COVID-focused” messaging. If your car dealership ads haven’t done so yet, please do it now (asking for a friend). Research is showing that viewers and listeners alike are suffering from “COVID Message Fatigue.” After months of home captivity and being bombarded by hundreds of almost identical COVID-heavy...

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Maximize Your Dealership’s Profits Through Fixed Ops

New car sales may get all the glory, but it’s through fixed operations departments that car dealerships gain the bulk of their gross profits. In a typical dealership, annual profits from vehicle sales are generally lower than profits from the fixed operations department. On average, a dealership’s gross profits breakdown for each department may look...

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How You Can Take Advantage of 2020 Automotive Digital Spending Trends

Digital advertising has grown exponentially since the birth of the web banner in 1994. Although dealers were at first reluctant to shift ad money from traditional to digital, by now it’s safe to assume that most all of them have some kind of online advertising presence. Whether you’re taking advantage of the full digital spectrum...

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Brick & Mortar Can Still Win!

Online car retailers like Carvana and Vroom have revolutionized the car-buying process. Their promises of making car-buying as simple as ordering something on Amazon and “never going to a dealership again” can be quite appealing to some shoppers, especially during a pandemic. The good news is that your brick-and-mortar dealership still has an advantage. But...

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How Brand Non-Compliance Could Hurt Your Bottom Line

Can you spot the differences in these logos? We can! If you’re not keeping up with the ever-changing logos and rules of your brand’s compliance guidelines, it could cost you. Violations to compliance rules in automotive advertising usually means that you won’t get co-op reimbursement for your media. However, multiple violations within a given time...

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Are You Ready For 4Q 2020 Advertising?

2020 has been a difficult year for just about every person, industry, and company in the world. The advertising industry is no exception. Despite increases in media audience size, as people have been home more often, ad spending has been decimated by Covid-19. Ad spending in January and February was flat versus 2019, but since...

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Have You Checked Your 2020 Co-op Funds Lately?

To say that 2020 has been an incredibly strange year is an understatement. Our lives have all been upended, and a return to normalcy any time soon is unlikely. At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, over half of all employed Americans (51%) transitioned to working from home. A number of day-to-day business procedures were...

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Why You Should Keep Advertising When Everyone Else is Canceling

Whether we’re in a recession, depression or pandemic, the thing businesses tend to cut off first is their marketing budget. This is a short-sighted move that could cost you down the road. Here’s why keeping your dealership’s name out there, even during a pandemic, is a smart move: 1. You let potential customers know you’re...

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