At Intermark Automotive leverage our buying powers across all media, both traditional and digital. You see, we’re experts at developing effective media plans by utilizing the most advanced research tools available, tools that ensure the most efficient campaigns through below-average market rates.


One of the reasons we know where to find the greatest media efficiencies and negotiate better buys is because we invest over $300,000 annually in media research tools. These cutting-edge resources give our planning team the ability to look at your potential customers from all angles, including demographic, psychographic, lifestyle factors, media habits, and purchasing behavior. Combining consumer insights and competitive intelligence with our proprietary micro-targeting tools gives our clients a laser-targeted strategy, a strategy to meet any business goal or objective.


Intermark Automotive has placed over $1 billion in media over the past two decades. As a full-service media shop, we work and excel in all areas: TV, cable, radio, print, OOH, and digital. And our buying team has an average of 15 years’ experience as top-level negotiators, master stewards, and posting wizards.


How do you know what you placed is what you received? Through our posting process we make sure every GRP placed is accounted for and in the time it was supposed to run. Over the past 12 years, Intermark Automotive has participated in independent third-party media audits across several clients. Our track record is unbeatable, averaging either an A+ grade, or, when ranked among other agencies, a rating of #1. Media audits measure ability to deliver to goal, cost efficiency, stewardship, added value, and under delivery recovery.


Intermark has always been a full-service media department, recognizing early on that any digital strategy must be part of a holistic campaign. Digital should not sit on an island by itself. We offer deep experience in display, behavior targeting, retargeting, SEM, SEO, and content and conquest marketing. Our team works closely with Analytics to optimize results, whether your goal is brand awareness or direct sales.