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We are a full-service digital, traditional, and creative agency with decades of
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Intermark Automotive applies a proven, psychology-based approach to your message, that creates positive brand awareness and influences the beliefs and behaviors of potential customers.

This gives you the advantage over your competitors by delivering the traffic you need to meet your monthly sales objectives AND the customer retention and loyalty for consistent growth over time.

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Key #1
Behavioral Science

In today's market being great isn't good enough in Advertising. With an ever-expanding media landscape, your customer has more and more to sort through, so your advertising needs to be even more relevant and memorable than ever. Luckily for you, and exclusively at Intermark, we have a PhD on staff whose only job is to understand and influence HOW your customer thinks and behaves with a desired response. With the help of myriad research tools and customized behavioral sciences, we identify trends, patterns, preferences, and response triggers to tailor targeted, just-in-time messaging to grow your business.

Key #2
Experience and Creative Strategy

Since 1977, Intermark Group has serviced Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III dealers and groups with custom, white-glove service, growing market share month over month, year over year. How? With over 150 years of combined experience in our Automotive Team. We don't just take orders; we constantly analyze the industry, your market, your competition, and your operation to recommend the most dynamic, effective, and memorable campaigns based on physical research. Our Creative team, along with Vazda Studios, has created tens of thousands of pieces of audio, video, and visual content that cuts through the clutter and forces customers to act now.

Key #3
Integrated Approach

Gone are the days of a single TV spot and a weekly print ad. The customer journey has evolved into more than 30 different media touchpoints per day, both in digital and traditional media. We call them Audio, Video, Visual, and Static. No matter the media, our breakthrough creative is tailored to the specific content experience the user is consuming. We act as a consultant across all of your advertising to ensure an integrated message tot he market, whether it's TV, Radio, Streaming, OTT, OLV, PPC, SEO, Native, Ambient, Experiential, Direct Response, Email, In-Store, and even on your phone lines. With Intermark, your entire organization will be pushing your brand together as one.

Why Intermark?

Our group imagination comes from our diverse and talented team.

We have experts in marketing, digital, social, PR and media as well as our own production studio—all under one roof. This wide range of creative disciplines helps us see all the capabilities of your brand, and that 360-degree thinking leads to smarter and better-connected ideas.

Multi-Channel Marketing

The channels you use to get your automotive ads out to your audience are just as important as the messages that you craft. We are leaders in multi-channel marketing, creating integrated campaigns that reach audiences wherever they are today. Using consumer psychology and behavioral targeting, we can create a strategic plan that identifies the best opportunities for your advertising campaigns.

Our car dealership advertising agency includes a skilled team of marketing professionals with a deep understanding of the automotive market, and the shifting consumer trends in why your consumers make the decisions they do about a new car. That in-depth understanding of the market psychology behind a purchase helps us create an integrated campaign to increase sales, because we know how to influence those decisions based on consumer behaviors and patterns.

We can help you build your online presence with a user-friendly website and a mobile website or app, create a traditional ad campaign that targets radio and television audiences, incorporate strategic digital marketing tools, and enhance your community relations and local outreach strategies as well.

With Intermark Automotive Group, you get a team of creative professionals with a deep understanding of marketing psychology, all in one place, to build an integrated and comprehensive marketing strategy.

Multi-channel marketing.

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