Want To Target Active Buyers In Real Time?

In this 60-Second Update, Intermark Automotive offers a proven way to target buyers in real-time as they are actively looking for a new vehicle:

As a car dealer, chances are you’ve tried geofencing (location-based marketing) at one time or another. And why not? The opportunity to snag a customer directly from the competition’s lot is very appealing. Although geofencing is not a new automotive marketing concept, the capabilities are growing in a powerful way, making it a more targeted pathway to reach potential low-funnel customers.

If you’re not including real-time location-based marketing in your media mix, here are some reasons for you to reconsider:

  • Hyper-Target Prospects. Reach the right people at the right time and the right place with relevant and timely messaging.
  • Target Specific Geographic Areas. Engage prospects in your target area by filtering down specific criteria and demographics.
  • Spend Less, Get More. With geo-targeting, you’re able to hit a moving target with your advertising, pinpointing customers with the highest intent.
  • Provide Personalization for Customers. The majority of consumers prefer a personalized ad experience over generic advertising messages. With real-time ad targeting, you’re able to send a dynamic ad featuring the exact or similar vehicle of the one they’re looking for.
  • Higher Click-Through Rate. According to a report from Verve Mobile, location targeting more than doubles the performance of mobile ads.
  • Develop Closer Relationships. Three out of four consumers complete an action after receiving a message when approaching a specific location. A Global Location Trends Report conducted by the Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) revealed that mobile location-based marketing creates deeper relationships with customers.
  • Immediate Feedback. Over 50% of shoppers visited a retailer after receiving a location-based message.
  • Improved Data Collection. Geofencing increases analytics and tools for metric analysis through location tracking and detailed customer behaviors.

Nothing is more annoying than seeing a new car on the road with your competitor’s drive-out tag. You KNOW you can beat their best deal, but you just weren’t given the chance. What if you could let the customer know that you can make them a better offer IN REAL TIME while they’re shopping your brand on another dealer’s lot?

How do we do it?

  1. Intermark Automotive has access to a proprietary process that follows the customer journey, starting as a targeted internal email blast that becomes a full history of known digital shoppers going forward. We can tell you what vehicles potential customers are considering and where they need assistance.
  2. We identify your competitors’ clients and attack their in-boxes with your offers.
  3. We deploy hundreds of thousands of touchpoints, then retarget the prospects who show intent.
  4. We customize digital marketing strategies to each dealership’s unique needs.
  5. We view sales funnel strategies from the bottom up, starting with highest intent. As prospects move throughout the funnel, multichannel retargeting increases as the strategy becomes more aggressive.
  6. We provide comprehensive analytics and live reporting dashboards, which allow for transparency and collaboration to reach goals.

To take advantage of the many benefits of real-time ad targeting, contact Intermark Automotive today!

by Shea Posey, Senior Account Executive/Compliance & Co-op Specialist

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