Video and Audio Production

Intermark has a full-service, in-house production company called Vazda Studios that produces all video, audio and on-camera content. By not out-sourcing, we offer more control over quality, accuracy, scheduling, turnaround time and costs.


Intermark Automotive creates over 1200 broadcast commercials every year. Our post- production team specializes in editing, motion design, visual effects, color correction and more. Whether you need a TV spot, Pre-Roll ad, web video, internal presentation video, infomercial, documentary or just a short tag, our highly-experienced editors will exceed expectations. They can work with stock clips and images, factory running footage, custom-shot footage or even create fully-animated scenes. We have extensive experience with all types of visual executions, from hard-sell sale events to upscale image pieces. We’ve produced it all: factory footage with graphics, dealer and on-camera talent ads, graphics-only spots, humorous vignettes, customer and employee testimonials, animated spots and so much more…well over 40 years’ worth. Remember, we’re no strangers to working with automotive budgets and turnaround times, so we can be trusted to deliver top-quality work on time and on budget.


Vazda Studios has a recording studio and sound engineer for all forms of audio production. We produce tracks for tv commercials, radio spots, podcasts and much more. Our engineer can record talent voiceovers in the sound booth or work with voice tracks sent from other studios. We have full-access to multiple music and sound effects libraries. Other services and capabilities include sound design, audio sweetening and equalization, noise reduction and sound mixing. If you’re in need of a jingle or an original music score, we can create that in-house as well. We offer a large roster of voice talents to deliver the exact tone, timbre, pace and emotion necessary to make your message stand out from the rest.

Studio/Location Shoots

Every dealership and ad agency have access to much of the same factory product footage and stock image libraries. The best way to produce exclusive, custom video content is to shoot it. Our camera crews have years of experience shooting product and talent on location and on sound stages. You don’t have to be stuck with product footage in your ad that clearly shows the terrain of other areas of the country. We can come to your dealership, shoot your vehicles, the familiar sights of your area and your local landmarks. If you’d like to personalize your message, we’ll shoot on-camera talent, including dealers, owners, actors and customers in showroom, home and office settings. We can also bring the talent into a studio to shoot in front of a backdrop or green screen. Drone footage has become more affordable, and we have the capability to shoot aerial footage of your dealership and its’ surroundings to provide an impressive scope of size and location. All footage is shot with high-definition resolution for clarity and color. We work with all budgets, so cost doesn’t have to stand in the way of showing how your dealership is different from all others.