Web Design and Development

It has been said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. With 86% of car shoppers researching online before ever setting foot in a dealership, your website is one of the most important tools in your arsenal.

Our interactive division is known as Alloy, and we are one of the largest digital agencies in the Southeast. Our staff is comprised of talented professionals who bring a blend of IT know-how and creativity to the table to generate measurable results. We have the staff, the tools, and the experience to handle any web design project.

We understand that it only takes one misstep to stumble; therefore, each step in OUR PROCESS is given equal weight.

1. Research & Discovery. Before the first piece of code is written or homepage is designed, we meet with you and your account team to thoroughly discuss your vision and expectations of what you want for your new website. We want to know what features are most important to you. We do our homework to get to know you, your dealership, and your brand.

2. Strategy. Next, we determine your end goals and lay out digital roadmaps to pinpoint every tab, page, feature, trade tool, image, text copy, call-to-action, inventory filter, task and click to serve as a blueprint of your site.

3. Design. Now for the fun part—deciding the “look” of your dealership’s website. We understand that your franchise may have specific guidelines and requirements in order to be brand compliant. With that in mind, we also know that you are your own unique brand, and we strive to find a perfect balance to satisfy both. Our designs are simple and elegant yet eye-catching and functional.

4. Test & Implement. Will it work? This is when we do a deep dive into functionalities. It’s during this time when major adjustments can still be made without major setbacks.

5. Development. It’s now time for our talented coders to do what they do best—get to work on construction.

6. Build & Launch.After we test everything, then test everything again, we are ready to launch! Anyone online can now visit your dealership from anywhere in the whole wide world. But more importantly, potential customers in your primary marketing area are now able to shop your inventory, chat with a sales specialist, schedule a test drive or even apply online for financing.

7. Maintenance & Optimization.Of course, we know our job doesn’t end there. After launch, we continue to improve on our work. We also keep track of the latest digital trends and technology, making any necessary upgrades and adjustments to keep your dealer site fresh and up to date.

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