Marketing Psychology

How well do you know your customers? If you’ve been in the car dealership marketing game for a while, you might think that you know your customers pretty well. But understanding how to close a sale when someone arrives at your dealership isn’t enough anymore. Today’s world of automotive ads has more and more competition from all sides—other car dealerships, online car sellers, online marketplaces where consumers sell vehicles directly. The only way to gain an edge is to truly understand what drives consumer behaviors.

At Intermark Automotive Group, we’ve developed a deeper understanding of consumer auto buying behaviors through our unique knowledge of marketing psychology. You may have heard this referred to by other names—consumer psychology, behavioral targeting, or behavioral marketing—but they all revolve around the same idea: understanding why a person makes a purchase decision is critical to be able to develop effective car dealership marketing strategies.

We’re Experts in Consumer Behavior

In most cases, an automotive advertising agency will provide analytics or research showing you information about past decisions that consumers made, and perhaps some insight into why they made those decisions. While this information is interesting, it doesn’t necessarily help you figure out what decisions they are likely to make in the future. Understanding future behavior can help you unlock the keys to effective advertising campaigns so you can spend money in targeted ways that drive busines through your doors. It’s the difference between having a recipe to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie, versus trying to guess the ingredients and maybe ending up with something edible in the end.

Over several decades, we have honed our experience with consumer decision-making behaviors, and we bring a unique approach that other agencies don’t understand and cannot imitate. Creating the perfect marketing message begins with knowing WHAT people think and WHY they think that way. That information informs HOW you can create a message that will get the desired response to bring a new customer in to purchase a car, or an existing customer back for a repeat purchase.

Marketing professionals researching marketing plan

Advertising Campaigns Informed by Science

Behavioral sciences unlock important information about the trends, patterns, preferences, and perceptions of your consumers. We not only know what they have done in the past, but we can use that information to more accurately predict what they might do in the future. Imagine a car dealership advertising campaign built on data that points to specific actions and activities that your current and future customers are likely to take. It takes the guesswork out, so you won’t need to waste money on campaigns only to find out later they didn’t achieve the intended results.

Learn How Consumer Psychology Can Improve Your Car Dealership Marketing

If your current marketing strategy isn’t working, talk to us today to find out more about our unique approach and how it can bring in new customers to your dealership.