The Psychology of Fear:  Changes that Prosperous Dealers are Making in a Reopening Economy

The threat of further COVID spread exists everywhere, yet some car dealers are prospering at levels that couldn’t be imagined, while other dealers struggle to stay in business. It’s not entirely due to the area of the country they’re in, the brands they sell or how much money they spend in media. You’ll find leaders and under-performers in every market. What the leaders have in common is that they’ve made aggressive, yet sensible modifications to their messaging and market strategy, based on new data that reveals changes in customers concerns and priorities. These dealerships will be in pole position to dominate their markets when the crisis passes. Are you doing everything you can right now to make sure that your dealership is one of the ones that will succeed?

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Strategic Spending and Effective Creative During Uncertain Times

In this webinar, we revealed six creative insights to guide marketing strategy, we discussed why advertising is important during economic downturns, and we discussed how to be smart with production while we’re social distancing.

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