How Digital Broke Your Brand: Leveling Up Online Customer Experiences

While companies clearly define their marketing goals and brand strategies, they often don’t consider what happens on their website after a customer hits on the ad or media. Why did your customer click in the first place? What do they expect when they get there? Does your brand break once it goes online?

Watch the webinar below where we explored everything from journey mapping and trigger points to the Fog Behavioral Model, showing you how digital user experience and behavioral science fit within your master communication plan.

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How Tribal Psychology Drives Modern Human Behavior

Tribal psychology is becoming increasingly salient to consumers. Over the last few years, the age-old adage “when it rains it pours” has never felt truer. During times of instability, there is a greater need to belong and feel connected to those around us, and this has consumers looking for the safety and security of being part of a group. 

Watch the webinar below where we explored how people’s awareness of their own mortality can affect their need for belonging and connection with others. We also took a deep dive into the research in social psychology to explain how individuals seek out social groups or “tribes” that provide a sense of identity and purpose, particularly in times of uncertainty or crisis. Finally, we also discussed how businesses and brands can tap into this need for belonging by creating products, services, and marketing campaigns that emphasize shared values and community.

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When Things Go From Bad to Worse | Marketers: How to Successfully Navigate the Consumer Recession Mindset

Although the lockdowns, social distancing, and pandemic fears are slowly diminishing in our collective rear-view mirror (thank goodness!), inflation, political unrest, and recession woes appear to be quickly taking their place. The expression “out of the frying pan, into the fire” is never a pleasant thing to contemplate, but marketers need to be aware of how to approach a world where scarcity and negative projections are becoming part of consumers’ daily lives.

Listen to this webinar where we discuss the psychological implications of the “recession mindset” and explore how marketers can successfully grow their brands during times when everything else seems to be getting worse.

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The Psychology Behind the New Normal: Consumers Changed in the Last 2 Years – How Marketing Must Evolve

The COVID-19 pandemic created a collective uncertainty, but the ongoing supply chain issues and rising inflation means that uncertainty won’t be going away any time soon. This ‘new normal’ has profound implications for marketing. So, what can marketers do to navigate these uncertain waters? The first step is understanding why uncertainty makes us so uneasy and how it can affect people’s decision-making.

Listen to this webinar, as we discuss the key psychological research that marketers can use to provide trust, clarity, and validation for customers. We’ll also show examples of how brands have leveraged these insights to guide consumers through uncertain times.

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What’s That? Making Ads That Get Noticed

What can marketers do to make ads that get noticed? The answer comes down to understanding how people go about their day and how they experience the world. Fortunately, there’s more than a hundred years of psychological research that sheds light on this topic, and the results are often counterintuitive.

Listen to this webinar where we review the key psychological research that marketers can use to make sure their advertisements get noticed and show real world examples of how brands have leveraged these insights to engage customers.

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Why That Ad Sucks: What Marketing Can Learn From Memory Science

Only 16% of advertising is remembered and correctly attributed by consumers. Yes, you read that right. Consumers don’t remember the majority of ads they see, and when they DO remember the ad, they can only identify the brand 40% of the time (Sharp, 2010). What can marketers do to make sure 84% of their budget isn’t going to waste? It starts with an understanding of the way consumers process ads through our emotion and memory systems.

Listen to our webinar where we dive into this topic. We cover all the key considerations needed to make ads that make a psychological impact.

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Does Advertising Work?

Marketers are being faced with a tough question in 2021. Do they keep advertising, and if so, where and how much should they spend to advance business goals? Listen our webinar to learn if and how advertising actually works when put into a larger framework for how marketing works.

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Calculated Bets: Smarter Marketing Planning for 2021

2020 is drawing to a close, and marketers are planning for 2021. Have you audited where your brand sits in this new space? Have you reevaluated your goals, diagnosed next steps, and updated your customer segments? Marketers are using these brand strategy questions to guide their thinking for 2021. Listen to our webinar to learn how to diagnose your current state, develop a solid brand strategy, and produce creative that captivates 2021 customers.

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The Art of Conflict: When Marketers Poke the Bear

Listen to our webinar to learn how brands can incorporate conflict and tension strategies into marketing to shape public perception, engage customers, and gain market share. We discuss strategies like poking the bear, embracing imperfection, carving a niche, and using conflict responsibly to drive marketing effectiveness.

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Getting Back to Business:
Balancing Branding & Sales for 2020

Listen to our webinar to learn about the psychological changes that we’ve seen as the crisis has evolved from pandemic to protest. We look at which brands have led the way, which brands have struggled, and how marketers can use these insights and new strategies to balance branding and sales to grow in today’s market.

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Survive to Thrive:
Psychology Marketing in a Re-opening Economy

In this webinar, we discussed key psychological insights such as loss of identity and openness to new perspectives, and experiences that can shape creative marketing.

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The Psychology of Fear:  Changes that Prosperous Dealers are Making in a Reopening Economy

The threat of further COVID spread exists everywhere, yet some car dealers are prospering at levels that couldn’t be imagined. Other dealers struggle to stay in business. It’s not entirely due to the area of the country they’re in, the brands they sell or how much money they spend in media. You’ll find leaders and under-performers in every market. What these leaders have in common is that they’ve made aggressive, yet sensible modifications to their messaging and market strategy, based on new data that reveals changes in customers concerns and priorities. These dealerships will be in pole position to dominate their markets when the crisis passes. Are you doing everything you can right now to make sure that your dealership is one of the ones that will succeed?

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Strategic Spending and Effective Creative During Uncertain Times

In this webinar, we revealed six creative insights to guide marketing strategy. We discussed why advertising is important during economic downturns and we discussed how to be smart with production while we’re social distancing.

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