Co-op Claim Filing

At Intermark, the lifecycle of an advertising campaign doesn’t just end when the final commercial airs or when the last newspaper ad runs. That’s actually when the work begins to ensure that every invoice includes all the required documentation necessary to submit for co-op reimbursement. Plus, we’ll do all the filing for you! Let’s face it—you’re too busy running your dealership and selling cars to have to worry about filing co-op claims. You’ve earned those marketing funds; now let’s make sure you get them back!

  • Intermark reviews every invoice to verify that all information complies with each brand’s documentation requirements.
  • We work closely with media and vendors to ensure that all required documents are included prior to claim submissions.
  • We submit each claim via your dealership brand’s marketing portal.
  • Once a claim is submitted, we track it until it is approved, processed, and paid.
  • Intermark also keeps track of your available marketing funds, monthly contributions, and fund expiration dates to ensure that you maximize your media spend and let no funds go to waste.
  • Some brands require proofs of payment months after claims are submitted and paid. Intermark will take care of that, too!
  • Less paperwork means more time for you to sell more cars!