Knowing that the average person sees 8,000 brand messages in a week can be daunting. That’s why every message we put out for your dealership is taken seriously. To us, the most effective messaging not only interests the target audience but also gets them to act. Our goal is to turn viewers into customers.


Intermark Automotive applies a proven, psychology-based approach to your message, that creates positive brand awareness and influences the beliefs and behaviors of potential customers. We do this by getting the viewers’ attention, relating value and delivering a strong call to action. The best creative is creative that convinces people to respond.

Capturing the viewers’ attention doesn’t necessarily require being the loudest and flashiest as so many automotive ads try to do. It just means being noticeably different. If a room is dark or silent, then light or sound are different. If the room is loud or bright, then silence or darkness are different. It’s the same way with messaging. To get noticed, we want to present a message that is different from your competitors’. It’s important to challenge the viewer with a unique, strong statement or intriguing question to reel them in. An “Us Too” strategy for messaging and execution does not cut through the clutter.

Relate value. Don’t just tell the viewer that you’re better. Tell them WHY you’re better. Don’t show viewers an offer and expect them to know it’s a good offer. Tell them WHY it’s a great offer. Give your viewer a framework or reference for comparison that leads them to conclude on their own that your deal or dealership is preferable to others. It’s also necessary to understand what’s important to your viewers. Is it a sale price or the total savings? Is it buying or leasing? Is it the monthly payment or financing? We know what customers respond to and how to present your message, not only to grab their attention but also to entice them to act. 

Now that we’ve gotten the viewers’ attention and educated them as to why your dealership is better, we need to urge them to act because a message without a strong call to action is just information. Finish the mission. Create fear of loss, greed and urgency. Phrases such as “while supplies last” or “2 at this price” can help create a psychological fear of loss. Verbiage such as “limited time only,” “hurry” or “log on today” creates the need to act sooner rather than later.

Custom Solutions

We’ve created a message that is different from those of your competitors’, so we need to take the next necessary steps to make it look and sound different by using custom footage, talent or music. Running the same factory product shots as other dealers with a faceless, nameless announcer voice and stock music library track may be the cheapest way to get on the air, but think about how many more times you’d have to run your ad, and how much extra money you’d have to spend to get people to differentiate your ad from the multitude of others similar to it. Customize it!

Every dealership runs a “Black Friday” ad, but we can make yours look different and better than those of your competitors with custom footage of your inventory, your employees, your showroom, your customers, your signage, your service department, your customer lounge, and all of the other things that are unique to your dealership. It costs a little more to shoot custom footage than to use stock footage, but you don’t have to run your spots as many times or spend as much in media to have your message heard and noticed. Your dealerships’ owner or manager could be the on-camera talent. That leads to immediate recognition and distinction. Showing your employees, in their various departments or in their workspaces interacting with customers, can add a sense of credibility, accountability and familiarity that will happen when a customer walks into your showroom and sees what they saw in your ad. Customer testimonials are a very good way to stand out from other dealerships. Their stories and compliments are not only specific to their buying experiences but also have the added credibility of third-party endorsement. As an option to factory running footage, we can shoot your product footage in your city with familiar backgrounds and landmarks. We can also shoot drone footage to give a unique aerial view of your dealerships’ scope, size and surroundings. Audio jingles or custom music tracks can be very memorable and immediately recognizable to further differentiate your dealership. And celebrity voice or on-camera talents can also set your business apart from all the rest.

Make it different to make it stick.