Social Media and Reputation Management

Today, communications is a 24/7 venture. Nowhere is this more evident than on social media channels. We know how audiences share information and the conversations they start all over the web, and we know how to create conversations between your dealership and customers that will keep your audiences engaged all day long. With every digital marketing campaign on social media, our goal is to turn your brand fans into brand advocates.


Letting Your Personality Shine Through

Social media has opened a unique opportunity for both consumers and brands. Auto advertising is no longer a one-way conversation where you talk at your audiences. Social media allows for a two-way conversation where brands can actively listen to and understand the things your audiences want and need, and engage them in conversations about your products and services. When used effectively, it can help you build significant brand loyalty and trust with your audience, which creates long-term, loyal customers.

The key to an effective social media strategy is two-fold: you must have an active online presence in the right social media channels, and it needs to be authentic. Consumers are savvy and can identify brands that are just “checking the box” of having a social media presence, versus those that are truly engaged and real online. Intermark automotive marketing agency works with you to ensure every social media message reflects the personality of your dealership and your inventory. We make sure you are speaking your customers’ language online, with the goal of ultimately bringing new customers in as well as bringing existing customers back through the door of your dealership.


Integrated, Comprehensive Campaigns from Start to Finish

This is how we make it work for you:

  • Create a social media plan unique to your dealership and customer base using the latest research to inform our car dealership digital marketing strategies
  • Provide monthly content calendars for each social media platform
  • Oversee social media management, which includes answering your customers
  • Create photos, videos and graphics to visually engage and delight your audience
  • Report regularly so you know what is working (and we do too)


Reputation Management

It is no secret that customers investigate a company’s reputation before doing business with them, and for many consumers today it’s actually one of the first things they do as they begin to research which dealership they want to do business with, and where they want to purchase their new car. Interestingly, 85% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. It’s like word-of-mouth recommendations (often a key marketing tool for any automotive dealership) taken to the next level. Even if you have never actively tried to build an online reputation for your dealership, you have one—your past customers are discussing you on social media and review sites.

The question for many car dealerships is, what is your online reputation, and are you managing it effectively? If not, you could be losing a significant amount of business because of a few disgruntled customers leaving poor reviews online. While online reviews can sometimes be frustrating and completely out of your control—especially when you feel like the information is unfair or inaccurate—it’s important for dealerships to understand that it is something you can actively manage, and when you do, your online reputation can improve.

We help our clients take control of the online conversation, creating balance and ensuring that any misleading or incorrect information is addressed, and corrected if possible. Our proactive approach to reputation management allows you to put your best online foot forward.

This is how we assist you in managing your online reputation:

  • Assess your current online reputation and ratings
  • Craft a strategy to guide your reputation goals
  • Create response document to determine how to best answer different types of reviews
  • Monitor all online conversations on review sites and social media
  • Respond individually to each review, positive and negative, or comment in a way that enhances your brand; studies show that the vast majority of consumers believe brands should respond to every review online