Experience is Everything

If you hate overpaying for things, you’re not alone. Going to a fine restaurant and paying $32 for what is most likely an $8 piece of salmon and being subjected to mediocre attention, service and atmosphere is not going to sit well, particularly if you’re not one to make a fuss and prefer to just stew quietly in your dissatisfaction instead.

Most people don’t mind paying for quality, but they DO mind being over-promised and under-delivered. That doesn’t just apply to restaurant-goers, it includes car shoppers as well. If you’re annoyed by paying $32 for an $8 experience, imagine overpaying hundreds, even thousands for a new or used vehicle, priced significantly above sticker or value, and being treated to a blah experience by a team that doesn’t bother to try to make it special or personal. To make matters worse, the customer knows that vehicle was cheaper a year ago and will be cheaper a year from now, so you’d better make every effort to ensure that the experience you deliver is worth the premium they’re paying.

An experience that exceeds the customers’ expectations can include some very simple things, such as offering them a bottle of water, soda, or cup of coffee at the door, providing free loaner cars, and making sure that someone is there to pick up the phone and talk to the customer directly when they need personal attention.

You’d be surprised how many dealers aren’t doing any of that right now, but what we can do at Intermark is help you build that entire narrative for your customers, because the customers that you need to sell tomorrow are sitting on the couch today waiting to be sold.

A Harvard professor claims that 95% of purchase intent is subconscious. So, remember that customers may not remember exactly the terms of their deal, what you said or what you did, but they WILL remember how you made them feel.

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