Everything is Digital Media.

Matt Simonetti, President, Intermark Automotive

A question I still get asked frequently (yes, really):
What % of my budget should be “#digital”?

🙋‍♂️Easy answer: 100%.

HOWEVER…that does not mean 100% to Google and/or Facebook. WHY? EVERYTHING is already digital.

👉TV? Digital.
👉Radio? Digital.
👉Cable? Digital.
👉Mail? YEP. Digital.
👉Search? Digital.
👉Social? Digital.
👉Programmatic? Digital.
👉Metaverse? Obviously digital. 
👉Billboards…? Half of them are DIGITAL.

BUT…don’t try to stuff 100 lbs of sh*t in a 50 lbs bag.

It’s easy to get caught up in #ConsensusBias today with so much “digital” media saturation.

Your own behaviors do not dictate that of your consumer.

Use your data…understand your market, audience segmentation, and objectives to align to the #CONTENT your demo is consuming.

Drive awareness with memorable and emotional content and catch them lower in the funnel with your search and digital storefront.

There is a reason Amazon, Geico, Google, Apple, and more still advertise on TV…

Find what works for you and OWN it.

Here’s an example from a recent new client: in the web traffic chart below, guess when we are on air with #brandedcontent?