Taking the Dog Out For a…Beer.

Matt Simonetti, President, Intermark Automotive

You probably thought this headline would be “Taking the Dog Out for a Walk”…or maybe even something else. But alas…we used Cognitive Disruption to get your attention. So the question is:

Do you want to sell more cars? Probably.

To sell more cars you need more leads.

To get more leads you need more traffic.

To generate traffic you need more impressions.

To drive impressions you need awareness.

So what turns heads to drive awareness and preference? Strong creative to cut through the clutter in an incredibly saturated market.

Cognitive Disruption. It’s central to gaining attention and a core principle in all of comedy. You opened this email, after all! If only 10% of the audience is in the market to shop at any given time, you still have 90% of your audience to influence. With all the negativity in the media among inventory, inflation, consumer price index, wars, elections, politics, and the never-ending litany of media influence, you need to turn heads and stop thumbs (from scrolling past you).

That is quite difficult to do if your only media is inventory based. That is where creative content marketing comes in using Cognitive Disruption in digital and traditional media.

A recent article published by the Max Planck Institute labeled our brains as prediction machines; Automatically predicting everything from what our favorite TV characters will say in their next monologue, to how the next bite of our dinner will taste. Our brains are continuously putting together a narrative of what might happen next, and if it’s right, well then, we move on, nothing more to see here. But what happens when our miserly brain predicts the wrong thing? We sit up and take notice.

Want to see the creative we used leveraging Cognitive Disruption to drive a +5,150% increase in Video Engagement and a +12,000% increase in Reactions in just 7 DAYS on Social Media, give us a call.

You can see below in GA data the increase since taking over traffic drivers in just 2 weeks

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