Automotive Advertising and Marketing in Georgia that Works

For more than 45 years, our team at Intermark Automotive Group has been working with car dealerships as the premier automotive marketing agency in Georgia. Our expertise goes beyond just creating beautiful ads; we take time to understand your customers and the reasons they make buying decisions so we can craft the exact right messages to generate results.

Consumer Psychology in Automotive Marketing

Car dealership marketing strategies often focus on the visuals and the creative, but when we start a new campaign, we take it one step further. We begin with a deep analysis of your consumers to better understand the psychology behind their purchase. By taking time to learn about their consumer psychology—the WHY behind their purchase—we can create a more effective tactical campaign—the HOW—that uses the right tools to get them to move from thinking about buying a new car to making a purchase.

When we start with the science behind people’s buying behaviors, we can encourage them to react with a response that will make a difference for your dealership. Knowing the latest buying trends, consumer preferences, perceptions, and car shopping patterns allows us to create meaningful performance metrics and build campaigns that drive results.

Understanding and Experience with Car Dealership Advertising

In addition to our unique behavioral targeting approach to strategic planning, we can put our extensive industry experience to work for you. For decades we have honed our skills in understanding everything from single-point dealerships to multi-franchise groups. We know the ins and outs of brand compliance guidelines and state advertising regulations, which means you won’t have to waste time trying to explain all of that to your auto advertising agency in Georgia. With us there’s no learning curve, we can hit the ground running with your ad strategy from the first day.

All Your Advertising Needs, All in One Place

Over the years we have grown to become a full-service automotive advertising and public relations firm in Georgia, which means you will be able to get everything you need for your car dealership marketing in a single place. We’ll design comprehensive campaigns that can include:

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When you’re ready to take your car dealership marketing in Georgia up a notch, talk to the experts at Intermark Automotive group. We can provide a quick analysis of your current advertising strategy and let you know how our approach can improve your ability to reach your customers and boost your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more.